Join us to unravel the power of Python—a language known for its simplicity and versatility. Fast-track your journey to development as we dive into hands-on exercises, demystify coding concepts, and empower you to create anything from scripts to complex applications. Get ready to turn your curiosity into code and transform your ideas into reality.

Is this course for me?

Even if “professional level” sounds scary or you are “new to coding”: fear not! Because Python is useful for both beginners and seasoned software developers, experienced and inexperienced students learn in separate groups.

In the beginner group, you will learn software development fundamentals too, not just coding – it’s practically a Python bootcamp! The course aims to fit as much general knowledge along the Python-specific parts, because knowing one language is one thing, but being able to make robust, maintainable and good code is another thing!

The advanced group can skip the basic parts to focus on the important part: how Python does things differently. You know what a for loop is, you want to know how to utilize it to the max. You probably want to make efficient little scripts, automate various annoying tasks, build a whole web app or crunch numbers – and sometimes Python is the right tool for the job.

Python course live
Python online course VS Code

What can you do with Python?

Everything! Almost literally. But let’s have some examples first! My previous students use Python for:

  • András landed his first tech job (software tester)
  • Augustine uses it for data analysis
  • Zsolt interfaces various industrial data (the rest is confidential)
  • Csenge does chemist stuff (some of their tools use Python)
  • and I made the free NFT generator (and other web backend stuff) with Python + Flask

Python is (a bit too) widely used. You can write small scripts to automate boring tasks, or make a whole game. Data scientists’ main tool is programming in Python. Some web pages are written in Python. You can even control real-life hardware with this language!

The language is the top ranked since 2017 in the IEEE languages rank and those guys are serious! (yes, those guys from the WiFi’s “IEEE 802.11 abgnacax”, this is a really respectable institution) With Python you can get things done fast, the syntax is easy to read and understand. (well, it was a design goal after all) Even kids can learn from the age of 10. Trust me, I did it.

Course content

The training includes the following topics:

  • Data types
  • Structured and object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Exception handling
  • Lambdas, comprehension
  • Nested functions
  • File and database handling
  • Python modules and packages
  • Unit testing
  • Multithreading
  • Using Tkinter and making a GUI app
Python online course PowerPoint

And how to write proper code!

Have you heard about Clean Code? Did you know that “quality gate” exists? Or that PEP8 specifies how to style your code since 2001? Surprisingly few programmers do.

There is a “pythonic way”, and some things are not trivial at first sight. The goal is to explain all the quirks.

Course details

The course is 30 hours long. The absolute minimum group size is 6, and the maximum is 20, preferably 10-15 people. After filling the application form, the future students will get informed about the starting groups. The course takes place Saturdays, online, either Google Meet or Jitsi Meet. You will need a computer with Visual Studio Code and Python. Preferably get a secondary monitor.

Attendees will get a certificate at the end of the course!

The price for the course is $395/€395 (+ VAT depending on your country, details are included in the final offer).

But I could learn Python for free!

You can learn a lot from free online tutorials, but you can neither ask questions from premade material nor learn in a well-structured manner.

It’s just not the same. You get immediate help if something goes wrong. And boy, sometimes setting up your development environment can be problematic! Go ask your YouTube video, why did it work for them and not for you!

A course speeds up learning and a good tutor can make a huge difference. An experienced teacher had all the problems You encountered, and even more! You get up-to-date knowledge and sometimes a new library changes things – and your fancy video doesn’t update itself!

Also, you get mentoring during the class. People love to acquire bad habits (especially beginners) and a live session shows you how things should be done.

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