Free online course: Embedded development with Arduino

Save the date! 2023. March 25. 8:00 PM CET – the new Embedded course will launch on YouTube, click here to go to the event, or here to the Facebook event page.

This was originally planned as a regular course, but because Arduino day is so near, the course will be held on YouTube first. The full description can be found here. This video series will introduce You to embedded development fundamentals, Arduino is just a tool here! We go beyond blinking LEDs and your usual tutorials: this course will explain how those peripherals work and provide all the essential knowledge to fully understand, what’s happening when you build a circuit!

But before we launch, why not download a free Arduino cheat sheet? No registration, newsletter or other annoying stuff is needed. And don’t forget: sharing is caring!

arduino day 2023 march 25 embedded development course hungary online youtube
Arduino day 2023